5 powder coating lines

Qualicoat - Qualimarine - Seaside AA

Max. length 7000 mm on vertical coating

All RAL colours

4 Wood imitation lines

Alueuropa currently has 2 floors of horizontal type and 3 of vertical type, with the possibility of making profiles up to 7000mm in vertical lacquer. Limits of length from 4,500 mm to 7,000 mm. In addition to having all RAL colors and 4 wooden imitation lines. These means allow us to reach production figures with high quality of up to 1,000,000 m2 per month, allowing us to respond quickly, reliably and in accordance with the needs of our customers.

The durability, preservation and beauty of the aluminum lacquer depends, to a great extent, on three determining factors: a good pre-treatment of the aluminum, an optimum quality of the paint, and finally its correct application.

We incorporate the latest market developments into our finishes, being experts in the commercialization and manufacture of special finishing coatings. We have a wide range of finishes: matte, gloss, special lacquers with rough textures, imitation wood lacquers, etc.

In Alueuropa we bet on the most advanced technology, this means that our products are recognized by the quality seal "Qualicoat", "Qualimarine" and "Seaside AA", among others, unequivocal sign of a perfect finish in all our products.


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