8 RPT stringing lines

Assembled according to European standard EN 14024

NF Certificate CSTB Certificate

A good final product is achieved by using good raw materials, for this reason, our thermal break systems are assembled with means that combine precision with automation. Hence, the assembly is carried out according to European Standard EN 14024, also according to customer requirements CSTB or NF Quality Certificate.

We currently have 8 thermal break lines that allow us to assemble profiles from 40 mm to 250 mm. We use polyamides ranging from 9 mm to 77 mm. We also have a line of injected polyurethane foam.

With this we can achieve energy savings of up to 25% in the differentials between the exterior and the interior compared to conventional systems without thermal bridge break. In addition to giving the possibility of combining different finishes between the exterior and interior, favoring the creation of warmer environments with the incorporation of the wood finish in the interior.


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