10 extrusion presses

72,000 tonnes of annual production capacity

39.000 arrays

ALUEUROPA has 10 extrusion presses of 4000, 2500, 2200, 1800 and 1600 tons, which allows us to have a production capacity of 72,000 tons per year, being able to manufacture profiles ranging from 80 gr/m to 20 kg/m, with a maximum extrusion diameter of 240 mm.

We use the most modern and avant-garde aluminum alloys. Professionalism and innovation at the service of customer needs.

As a result of the care, precision and experience gained over the last 26 years, Alueuropa has specialized in the production of industrial profiles.

It should be said that each of the extrusion presses is perfectly designed and adapted to provide the most optimal result in terms of quality and quantity, offering the customer an optimal integral solution in aluminum. Proof of this are our extrusion quality certificates according to UNE 38-066-89 and NF A 50-710.

Do not hesitate, let yourself be advised by our qualified technical team. Whatever your need, at Alueuropa we provide you with the most innovative solution that best suits your projects.



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